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Valve Holographic Pouches

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What is a stand up pouch with Valve?


Stand up pouches are considered the most popular, durable and flexible choice of packaging solutions thanks to their convenient resealable press close zip lock and gusset features.


These stand up pouches with valves are an ideal choice of packaging for Coffee Beans, allowing the bags to release excess gas built up from the Coffee Beans.  The excess gas is expelled thanks to the clever one way degassing valve, ensuring that your contents remain secure and as fresh as possible.


The resealable zip lock allows you to open and close the bag multiple times keeping the contents as fresh as possible, where the flexible gusset design allows for the bag to be stood up for appealing presentation of your products using minimal space. 


We don’t have to tell you how popular stand up Packaging is, just a quick browse of a local store, supermarket or garden centre is evident enough.



Are stand up pouches right for you?


Resealable stand up pouch packaging is often chosen as a reliable way to store a multitude of contents such as Confectionery, Spices, Protein powders, Health supplements, Snacks, Coffee, Tea, Pet Food, Beauty, Salts, Herbs, Dried fruit, Pasta and Grass seed to name a few.


The bags are constructed with food grade materials and provide an excellent barrier to protect your contents from moisture, oxygen, UV light and odours.  The bags have a header above the press seal which can be heat sealed to provide a tamper evident environment.  For initial opening, just tear open the bag using the conveniently located tear notches either side and reseal the bag by pressing the press seal fastener.


In addition to their versatility, stand up packaging is often favoured for their reduced environmental impacts due to its lightweight composition compared to jars, bottles and tins for example.  This allows them to be easily transportable whilst lowering carbon footprints resulting in lower shipment costs, and they store flat which benefits customers with limited storage facilities, or otherwise allows for greater production levels.


Which Holographic Valve Pouch will you choose?


Rightpak’s eye catching glitzy Holographic stand up pouches are available in 3 formats, Holographic with Valve Stand Up Pouch, Window Holographic with Valve Stand Up Pouch providing a sneak peek of your contents or Clear/Holographic with Valve Stand Up Pouch showing off your contents to the max, without compromising on the stunning holographic theme.


Holographic with Valve stand up pouches are available in sizes from our smallest measuring 80x130+50mm (WxH+G) to one of our larger bags measuring 235x335+120mm (WxH+G).


Not packing Coffee Beans?  Don’t panic, our Holographic range of Stand Up Pouches are also available without one-way degassing valves.



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