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Inflatable Bags

Inflatable Bags
Inflatable Bottle Packaging Bags

Inflatable Bottle Packaging Bags

410mm(W) x 240mm(H)
100 Per Pack

Quantity excl. VAT (Per Pack) incl. VAT (Per Pack)
1 Pack £18.33 £22.00
2+ Packs £17.07 £20.48
5+ Packs £16.50 £19.80
10+ Packs £15.75 £18.90
50+ Packs £13.33 £16.00

Description:Use inflatable packaging to securely transport fragile glass bottles such as wine and s..

2 or more £20.48
5 or more £19.80
10 or more £18.90
50 or more £16.00 Ex Tax: £18.33

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Hand Pump for Inflatable Bags

Hand Pump for Inflatable Bags

1 Per Pack

Quantity excl. VAT (Per Pack) incl. VAT (Per Pack)
1 Pack £4.16 £4.99
2+ Packs £2.49 £2.99
5+ Packs £1.08 £1.30
10+ Packs £0.83 £1.00

Hand Pump for Inflatable Bottle Packaging Bags**Please note - Pump will be sent in a random colour**..

2 or more £2.99
5 or more £1.30
10 or more £1.00 Ex Tax: £4.16

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What is Inflatable Packaging?

Inflatable packaging is a protective space saving and time saving solution to bulky void fill such as bubble wrap, foam and polystyrene that takes up valuable storage space, for specific fragile items that require individual protective packaging for transit purposes.

Inflate these transparent pouches on demand using a hand pump or compressor, insert your item and pop your protected item into a cardboard box for onward shipping.

The pouches are made with air chambers that once inflated become independent, therefore if one chamber is damaged in transit and deflates, the remaining chambers stay inflated.


What are the benefits of Inflatable packaging?

  • Easy to inflate by hand pump or compressor
  • Rigid protection when inflated
  • 360 degree cushioning
  • Shock absorbing air chambers to protect contents in transit
  • Flat packed when uninflated saving space in storage
  • Lightweight adding minimal weight to overall parcel weight
  • Robust as any damage to one air column doesn’t deflate the packaging.
  • Protective transportation of glass bottles, ceramics, and electronic devices such as phones, laptops and tablets.


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